I've been interested in fashion for most of my life, working on set and behind the scenes in different capacities from adolescence.

Though I've changed hats along the way, at my core Is an acute attention to detail and a discerning eye on set.

set values:

1) Respect the team and the perspective that each person brings. No egos.

2) Listen and be kind.

3) Hard work is key, but moments of fun inspire the heart and sometimes lead to greater results. 

4) It really is all in the details.


 With a product design + photography background, I provide a specialized perspective and an ability to execute a diverse range of projects. 



Features include, SICKY, Cake - Mag, Lucy's magazine, Elegant Magazine, Atlas Magazine and Ellements Magazine.

*images are not my own, this is an example of a visual brand mandate*

*images are not my own, this is an example of a visual brand mandate*


I work with clients in the fashion industry to identify and define or completely refocus their brand communications. I provide a brand strategy and any necessary resources to assist in their time of growth and transition. 


Clients and collaborators include, Reigning Champ, Woo To See You Boutique, Lululemon Inc. and MEC among others


Let's connect. Be it a question, work enquiry or "I'd love to chat" coffee date, feel free to send me a message below.

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